Speaking Email plays nicely with your enterprise Exchange and Office 365 

Speaking Email plays nicely with your enterprise Exchange and Office 365 

Speaking Email now has simplified connecting to Office 365 and supports enterprise security policies in Exchange. http://www.speaking.email

Some of our Exchange and Office 365 users had trouble connecting due to enterprise IT security polices. We’ve now implemented Microsoft’s ActiveSync provisioning protocol, enabling Speaking Email to play nicely with corporate IT policies. So more people in enterprises can use Speaking Email to listen to their email on the go. 
We also simplified the account set up process for Office 365 – many people were unsure what settings to use so it’s now preset. 

There are more enhancements for Exchange users coming. We recently added a setting allowing you to control the number of days back to sync your inbox (just like in iPhone mail app). We plan to improve this by adding an “auto” setting with automatically figures out the number of days based on number of emails you typically get. Too many days sync can cause major slowdowns for people with hundreds of emails a day. Too few means you many not see many new emails unless you use Speaking Email regularly. So we think automatically determining this will help some odd situations some users have reported and plan to make this the default setting.


Other things on the wishlist for Exchange are:

– plan to support autodiscovery of server settings based on email address

– quick replies (currently works with gmail automatically and others with configuration, but not available on Exchange)

– attachment speaking (reading out the contents of word or PDF docs attached to emails)

Let us know in the comments if you’d like to get your hands on any of these features or if you have another feature to suggest.