Ideas for New Year’s resolutions…

Some ideas for New Year’s resolutions:

1. Stop checking emails during family time
2. Stop bad texting and driving behaviour – use purpose designed apps in the car
3. Get a phone cradle for my car
4. Get more organised with work email
5. Use my time efficiently
6. Recommend Speaking Email to my friends

Happy New Year!


Exchange sync days back option

Speaking Email currently can miss emails that are in the past when using Exchange server. This happens because we sync back only one day by default. If you only want to listen to your latest email this is not a problem. But if you expect to see emails from a few days ago, you will not see them.

We have now added a feature under account settings allowing you to choose how many days to sync back. Our sync defaults to one day, which means it checks for new mail since yesterday (i.e. it will not download mail from the day before yesterday).

If you get lots of mail and are up to date on reading it, this is a good setting. But if you don’t have heaps of mail every day, or want to listen to your inbox back a few days, you will want to set it to longer.


Speaking Email app voted ‘most fundable’ by Context.IO

In October we entered a 3-month online hackathon sponsored by Context.IO which aimed to recognise apps that are doing interesting things with email.

The timing coincided pretty nicely with our product launch.

We are stoked to have our entry voted “most fundable” and given an honourable mention in the awards!

Our thanks to the Context.IO team for making the great platform we made use of to provide the backend service for Speaking Email, and for giving us this recognition.